Cessna 152 Vs 150

Cessna 152 Vs 150: A Comparative Review

When it comes to deciding between Cessna 152 Vs 150, one should know that there only exists a slight difference between the two. Both models were manufactured by the Cessna Aircraft Company, and both are two-seater planes designed for basic pilot training. However, the two aircraft vary slightly in their specifications, leading to different capabilities and features altogether.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the similarities and differences between Cessna 152 and 150, and provide insights to help pilots make the right choice.

Cessna 152: Overview

The Cessna 152 was manufactured in 1977 as a modification and improvement to the Cessna 150 model. The 152 features the Lycoming O-235-L2C engine, a four-cylinder air-cooled carbureted engine with a power output of 110 horsepower. Additionally, the Cessna 152 enjoys an improved range compared to its predecessor, which makes it a suitable aircraft for short- and medium-haul flights.

The 152 has an excellent flight performance that makes it ideal for flight training. The plane features a robust airframe, four-point seat belts, and an easy-to-operate flight control system, making it an easy plane to learn flying on.

Cessna 150: Overview

The Cessna 150 has a long history and was initially produced in early 1950 as the Cessna 140A. Over the years, the 150 has undergone several modifications and upgrades, making it an even better and more efficient plane. The aircraft garnered immense popularity among private pilots and flight schools due to its compact size, simplicity, and airplane design.

After the release of the Cessna Model 152, Cessna ceased production of the Cessna 150 in 1977. The plane came equipped with a Continental O-200 engine and had a power output of 100 horsepower.


The Cessna 152 features a more powerful engine compared to the Cessna 150, making it slightly faster and more efficient. However, the two aircraft have almost the same performance characteristics, with the Cessna 152 having a slightly higher takeoff and cruising speed than the Cessna 150.

Both planes have excellent short-field performance and can operate well in both high-altitude and low-altitude environments.

Cockpit Design

Both the Cessna 152 and 150 feature a cockpit design that enhances the learning process of the pilot. The aircraft’s control system is smooth, easy to operate, and has a minimal impact on the pilot’s workload. Additionally, both planes have an excellent maneuverability that adds to the pilot’s experience, allowing them to learn the nuances of flying without feeling overwhelmed.

Cabin Comfort and Space

When it comes to cabin space, the Cessna 152 and 150 have very similar designs. There is ample space for the pilot and passenger, with enough legroom to avoid feeling cramped. Both planes have a simple yet practical interior design that enhances passenger and pilot comfort during long flights. Additionally, the planes’ soundproofing works well, creating a smooth and comfortable environment inside the cabin.


The Cessna 152 and 150 models require almost the same maintenance routine, and both use the same parts. Pilots who have flown both planes report that maintenance costs are almost the same, with minimal differences between the two.

Additionally, both planes are easy to maintain, with most of the equipment easily accessible for maintenance and repair work.


What is the Difference between Cessna 152 and 150?

The Cessna 152 features a more powerful engine than the Cessna 150, which makes it slightly faster and more efficient. Additionally, the Cessna 152 enjoys an improved range compared to the 150, making it a suitable aircraft for short- and medium-haul flights.

What is the Price Difference between Cessna 152 and 150?

The price of both the Cessna 152 and 150 varies depending on the age of the aircraft, its condition, and its specifications. Generally, the Cessna 152 is more expensive than the Cessna 150 due to its improved range, slightly higher speeds, and taildragger variant.

Which Plane is Better Suited for Flight Training?

Both Cessna 152 and Cessna 150 are well suited for pilot training since the planes’ design allows for easy manoeuvring, simple control system, and excellent safety features. However, the Cessna 152 is better suited for individuals seeking to build up their flying hours since the plane has a better range.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between Cessna 152 Vs 150 should be based on the individual’s specific needs as a pilot. In terms of performance, cockpit design, cabin comfort, and maintenance, the two aircraft are almost equal. The key difference between the two is the engine and slightly faster speed of the Cessna 152.

Pilots who are looking for an affordable training plane may find the Cessna 150 appealing, while those looking for slightly faster speeds and improved range may want to consider the Cessna 152. Ultimately, both aircraft have excellent safety records and reliability, making them a suitable choice for pilots looking for a basic, reliable plane for private or flight training purposes.