OLTP and OLAP are the IT systems. Both system are different. OLTP is transactional system while OLAP is analytical system. Source data is provided to data warehouse by OLTP and is analyzed by OLAP. OLAP deals with the operation in a system with lot of short transactions. OLAP deals with historical data with low volume … Read more

Barometer vs. Thermometer

Barometer vs. Thermometer

Both are conventional instruments which have been used for a long time to measure different things, and that is the main difference between them. A Barometer is used to measure the atmospheric pressure, they are used to find out the height of the land about the nearest sea level and helps in predicting the weather. … Read more

Token Ring vs. Ethernet

Token Ring vs

Token Ring gets defined as the local area network which has the properties to transmit the node only when it has certain pieces in succession that come from the other successive nodes turn by turn. Ethernet gets defined as the system used for connecting various computers to form a local area network and has different … Read more

Mainframe Computer vs. Supercomputer

mainframe computer vs supercomputer

Although technology advances at fast speeds these days still some of the original devices have kept their importance intact with the new ones. The two objects getting discussed here have their usage and fundamental differences. These types of computers get characterized as the PCs utilized by greater associations to deal with their internal systems for … Read more

Stand-Alone Operating Systems vs. Server Operating Systems

Stand Alone Operating Systems vs

Stand-Alone Operating System becomes a complete operating program that works correctly on a computer or laptop for that specified path. Server Operating System becomes a feature of operating programs that works on several computers that maintain their origination on the server and hence, controls various users at the same time. Comparison Chart Basis of Distinction … Read more

Fluxbox vs. Openbox

Key Difference Both fluxbox and openbox are based off the minimal window manager, which is more famous for how it looks ‘under the hood’ than it does in use. They both vary according to the configuration files they use. Fluxbox WM and Openbox WM, both can use the xorg-system-core, with NO desktop environment. Much like … Read more

Trackball vs. Mouse

trackball vs mouse

A trackball is defined as a small round ball that gets placed within a holder and rotates whenever required with the help of a cursor on a computer or by hand on the device. The computer device that we use to move the pointer on the screen and clicking different items such as folders and … Read more

Long-Term vs. Short-Term Scheduler in OS

Long Term Vs Short Term Scheduler

Different terms have the explanation that makes them different or like each other, but the main details that make them distinct are of utmost importance. The two getting discussed in this article are A long-term and short-term scheduler, and they both have a close relation to each other. This article helps to find the main … Read more

2 Stroke Engine vs. 4 Stroke Engine

2 stroke engine vs 4 stroke engine

A pressure stroke packs the fuel which then blasts in a 2 stroke. The arrival stroke, called the force stroke, is driven by the blasted fuel. It moves the wrenching case, discharges debilitate gasses and lets in new fuel and air for the following stroke in a 2 stroke. The pressure stroke packs air and … Read more