Cabinet vs. Parliament

“Cabinet” and “Parliament” are very important concepts in countries having democratic system of governance. Having a member of parliament is not the surety of becoming the member of the cabinet so the first difference arises on that point. However, there are also other multiple factors, which draws a prominent line between cabinet and parliament.

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Cabinet vs. Parliament

What is Cabinet?

Cabinet is a body of high ranking officials in government power structure, based on the top leaders of the executive branch and often called the ministers as well. In different countries, it is vested with different duties. In some countries it worked as a decision making body while in some countries it provides advisory services to ‘head of state’ or ‘head of government’. Cabinet is also called “Council of Ministers” in some countries. In countries where Westminster system exists, cabinet decides the government direction regarding legislation passed by the parliament while in countries where presidential system exists, it works as an official advisory council to ‘head of government’.

What is Parliament?

Parliament is the collective name of two houses in a democratic system of government and stands for “Senate (upper house)” and “House of Representatives” or “National Assembly (lower house)”. All its members are elected from political parties and independent candidates. It deals in three matters: representation, legislation and parliamentary control through hearings and inquiries. Word parliament literally meaning is “discussion”.

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Key Differences

  1. Parliament represents the government officials elected by the public through election while cabinet is based on the member of the parliament or cabinet members are also parliamentarian.
  2. Cabinet enjoys more power than ordinary parliamentarian as cabinet members are bestowed with ministries regarding health, education, finance, food, defense, etc.
  3. Cabinet mostly work as an advisory board to the head of state or head of government while bills or any policy is still passed by the parliament.
  4. Parliament is the collective name of two house: “Senate” and “National Assembly” or “House of Representatives” while cabinet is the group of important ministers of the government.
  5. Parliament is a legislature branch while cabinet is an executive branch.

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