C5 C17

C5 C17: The Powerful Hydrocarbon Combination

When it comes to hydrocarbon compounds, C5 C17 is one of the most powerful combinations out there. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at what C5 C17 is, its properties, and its uses in various industries.

What is C5 C17?

In chemistry, C5 C17 is known as a mixture of hydrocarbons that have 5 to 17 carbon atoms per molecule. These molecules can be linear or branched, and they belong to the category of alkanes. Alkanes are also known as paraffins because they have a very low reactivity with other chemicals.

Properties of C5 C17

C5 C17 has a wide range of properties that make it a powerful hydrocarbon combination. Here are some of the key properties of C5 C17:

Viscosity: C5 C17 has low viscosity, which means that it can flow easily. This makes it useful in different applications that require a fluid with low resistance to flow.

Boiling Point: The boiling point of C5 C17 is relatively low. The boiling point range of C5 C17 is between 35 and 296 degrees Celsius, depending on the exact mixture of hydrocarbons.

Density: The density of C5 C17 is relatively low, which makes it less dense than water. This property makes it float on water, which can be useful in applications where separation of different fluids is needed.

Uses of C5 C17

C5 C17 has a wide range of uses in various industries. Here are some of the key applications of C5 C17:

Fuel Industry: C5 C17 is commonly used in fuel applications, such as gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel. It is used as an additive in the fuel industry to improve fuel efficiency and lower exhaust emissions.

Solvent Industry: C5 C17 is also used as a solvent in the production of various chemicals, such as rubber, plastics, and adhesives. C5 C17 is used as a solvent because of its low reactivity and ability to dissolve other substances.

Rubber Industry: C5 C17 is used in the production of rubber as a plasticizer, which makes the rubber more flexible and easier to shape.

Food Industry: C5 C17 is used in the food industry as a coating agent, lubricant, and surface treatment agent.

Pharmaceutical Industry: C5 C17 is used in the pharmaceutical industry as an ingredient in several products, including topical creams and ointments.


C5 C17 is an important hydrocarbon combination with a wide range of applications across multiple industries. Its low viscosity, relatively low boiling point, and low density make it a valuable compound for the production of various chemicals, solvents, fuels, and more. Understanding the properties and uses of C5 C17 can help you leverage this powerful hydrocarbon combination in your own industry or application.