Brown Vs Dirty Blonde

Brown Vs Dirty Blonde: Choosing the Best Shade for You

Choosing a hair color that perfectly suits your personality and complexion can be quite challenging. Whether you’re brunette or blonde, there are plenty of different shades within each color family. Brown hair and dirty blonde hair are two popular hair colors that can be hard to choose between. In this article, we will compare brown hair and dirty blonde hair and help you decide which shade is the best for you.

Natural Brown Hair

Brown hair is the second most common natural hair color after black. The shade of brown hair can vary from light chestnut to dark chocolate. Natural brown hair has warmth and depth, and it complements almost every skin tone. Brown hair is versatile, and it can be worn in many different shades, from a cool ashy hue to a warm chocolate color.

Brown hair also has many different highlights and lowlights. Some popular highlights for brown hair include caramel, honey, and blonde. Lowlights such as chestnut, auburn, and dark chocolate can add dimension to brown hair, making it look more voluminous.

Dirty Blonde Hair

Dirty blonde hair is a grey-brown or mousy blonde hair color. It is a relatively new hair color that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Dirty blonde hair can range from a cool ashy hue to a warmer golden color.

Dirty blonde hair is an excellent option for people who want to lighten their hair without going fully blonde. It gives a natural and sophisticated look that can work well for both casual and professional settings. Dirty blonde hair suits most skin tones but looks particularly good on people with warm undertones.

Brown vs Dirty Blonde: Which One is Better?

Both brown hair and dirty blonde hair have their unique features and advantages. Below, we will compare brown hair and dirty blonde hair and help you decide which shade is the best for you.

Skin Tone

Brown hair has universal appeal and it complements almost all skin tones. If you have a warm complexion, you can choose warm shades of brown like chocolate, copper, and chestnut. For cooler skin tones, cooler shades like ashy and dark chocolate would work better.

On the other hand, dirty blonde hair works best with warm undertones. If you have a cool or neutral complexion, dirty blonde hair may wash out your skin tone.


Brown hair is relatively low maintenance and does not require frequent touch-ups. Root regrowth is less obvious, and the color can last longer with minimal fading.

Dirty blonde hair can require more maintenance, especially if you have darker natural hair. You may need to schedule frequent touch-ups and use color-safe products to prolong the life of your color.


Brown hair has a natural depth and dimension that need not require extra styling. You can style your brown hair naturally or with an updo, curls, or straight hair. Hairstyles are versatile with brown hair.

Dirty blonde hair works well with beachy and undone hairstyles such as waves, curls, and messy buns. It gives texture and depth to the hair.


Brown hair is versatile, and you can change its tone significantly with highlights and lowlights. Brown hair can suit any style, occasion, or age.

Dirty blonde hair is less versatile due to its limited range of shades. However, it can give you a natural and low-key look that is appropriate for many settings.


Choosing between brown hair and dirty blonde hair can be tricky. Both colors have their unique advantages, and you should choose the one that complements your skin tone, maintenance level, styling preference, and versatility. By following our guide, you can identify which one might be suitable for you.

In summary, brown hair is a classic and timeless option that suits almost everyone. It requires less upkeep and is more versatile than dirty blonde hair. Dirty blonde hair, on the other hand, is a modern and sophisticated choice that can give a natural-looking tone to your hair. However, it requires more maintenance and might not suit cooler skin tones.

Whichever color you choose, make sure to use color-safe products that protect your hair from damage and prolong the life of your color. And remember, it’s all about finding the shade that makes you look and feel your best.