Boz Shepherd Vs Kangal


Dogs are strange creatures that have been man’s best friends for centuries. For many people around the world, dogs are a crucial part of their lives as well as their workforce. Whether they are search and rescue dogs, service animals, or guard dogs. Many people require a canine companion that is trained to offer protection and safety. There are many breeds of dogs available that offer such protection; however, two of the most popular breeds are Boz Shepherd and the Kangal.

In this article, we will discuss Boz Shepherd and Kangal dogs, compare and contrast both breeds, and bring to light some of the essential traits of both breeds that make them the ideal guard dogs.

Boz Shepherd Dogs:

Boz Shepherds are an incredible breed of guard dogs. They are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and strength. Also, they have a handsome appearance and have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are quite large, weighing around 150-200 pounds, and their coat color is usually a mixture of black, gray, and white.

One of the unique characteristics of Boz Shepherds is their intelligence, which makes them exceptional guard dogs. They are watchful, typically territorial, and always on the alert, and they can sense danger quickly. Moreover, they are not the barking type, but when they do bark, they generate a tremendous amount of noise, which can scare any intruder away.

Most importantly, Boz Shepherds are quite reliable in protective situations. They are patient, alert, and extremely courageous, which makes them a perfect choice for guarding livestock, homes, and families.

Kangal Dogs:

Kangal dogs are a breed of livestock guardian dogs that originated from Turkey. They are well-known for their ferocious nature and stunning appearance, and are regarded as one of the best protectors in the world. Kangal dogs are some of the largest guard dogs, with males weighing between 100 and 145 pounds, and females weighing between 70 and 110 pounds.

One of the unique characteristics of Kangal dogs is their hunting instincts, which makes them outstanding guard dogs. They will defend their families and flocks to the death. Due to their size and strength, they can easily take down predators such as wolves and bears, but they are also trained to distinguish between friend or foe. They are not aggressive by nature, but will fiercely protect their family and property.

Kangal dogs are also known for their loyalty, making them perfect for families. They are naturally gentle, patient, and obedient, and are always eager to please their owners. However, they do require an experienced owner who understands their instincts and knows how to train them.


There are several similarities and differences between Boz Shepherd and Kangal dogs. Firstly, they are both large breeds renowned for their protective instincts, intelligence, and loyalty. However, the major differences lie in their temperaments and working attributes.

Boz Shepherds are known to be more aggressive towards strangers and animals that try to enter their territory, whereas Kangal dogs are more patient and will only get aggressive if a threat is detected. Kangal dogs are also slightly more relaxed than Boz Shepherds and can tolerate children and other family pets in a household.

Kangal dogs are trained to protect livestock such as sheep and are more commonly found in rural areas rather than urban settings. They are more comfortable adapting to living outdoors while still being able to protect their families and properties. In contrast, Boz Shepherds are more able to adapt to living in urban areas and have a more versatile role in protecting their families and homes.


In conclusion, both Boz Shepherd and Kangal dogs are incredible breeds of dogs and are usually preferred as guard dogs. They possess unique qualities and characteristics that make them suitable for different types of environments and protective roles.

While Boz Shepherds are more aggressive and will protect their families and territories more vigorously, Kangal dogs possess a more laid-back temperament and are fantastic guard dogs for rural areas where the protection of livestock is required.

Ultimately, when deciding on which breed of dog to keep, especially for security purposes, it is always essential to consider the breed’s general temperament and characteristics before making a final decision.