Bloodborne Vs Dark Souls

Bloodborne vs Dark Souls: A Comparison of Two Epic Action Games

Bloodborne and Dark Souls are both action role-playing games that have gained a cult following since their release. Developed by FromSoftware, both games share similarities in terms of gameplay, graphics, and difficulty level. However, there are also some significant differences between the two games. In this article, we will compare the two games and give you an overview of their respective features, gameplay, combat, and story.

Game Overview

Bloodborne takes place in a Gothic world where ancient beasts roam the streets of the city of Yharnam. The game’s protagonist is a hunter who has been tasked with investigating the mystery behind the plague that is spreading throughout the city. The game’s atmosphere is eerie and dark, drawing you into the game’s world.

Dark Souls, on the other hand, takes place in a high fantasy world where the undead roam the land. The player takes on the role of an undead warrior who has been resurrected to fight against the darkness that is consuming the land. The game’s world is filled with detailed environments and eccentric characters that will offer a unique experience to the player.

Graphics and Presentation

Bloodborne and Dark Souls both have stunning visuals that enhance the player’s immersion in their respective worlds. Bloodborne’s graphics are darker and grittier, while Dark Souls has a more fantasy-like setting, making the graphics brighter and more colorful.

The enemies in both games are well-designed and memorable, and the game’s world is a testament to the developers’ attention to detail. The level design is also great in both games, with lots of hidden areas and secrets to find.

Gameplay and Combat

Bloodborne and Dark Souls are known for their challenging difficulty, which can make players feel like they are stuck in a relentless cycle. But both games have unique gameplay mechanics that make them stand out from each other.

Bloodborne’s gameplay is fast-paced and relies on the player’s ability to dodge and counter, making combat more satisfying. The game also features a health recovery system that allows the player to gain back lost health if they can strike an opponent quickly enough.

Dark Souls, on the other hand, emphasizes the block, parry, and dodge mechanics, leading to slower-paced gameplay. The game’s combat is more strategic, with players having to observe enemy movements and find the right moment to strike.


Both games have multiplayer features that allow players to co-op or invade others’ games, making the experience more social. Both games also have their own unique multiplayer mechanics that affect gameplay.

Bloodborne has a unique co-op system that requires players to use specific items to summon other players into their game. The game also has a PVP element that lets players invade other’s games and fight against them.

Dark Souls features an invasion system where players can invade other player’s games, while co-op is done through a summoning system. The game’s PVP mechanics allow for the creation of covenants, which offer unique gameplay benefits and encourage players to interact with each other.


Both Bloodborne and Dark Souls have stories that can be difficult to follow, with lore hidden behind item descriptions and NPC interactions. However, the games’ stories are memorable and intriguing, which can keep players engaged in the game’s world and its events.

Bloodborne’s story is centered on the hunt for the beasts that roam the city of Yharnam. The game’s story borrows inspiration from Lovecraftian lore, with the plot twists and turns keeping the player guessing its direction.

Dark Souls’ story is centered around the linking of the fire, a ritual that is meant to prevent the world from falling into darkness. The game’s narrative takes players on a journey through interconnected areas, hidden secrets, and epic boss fights.


Q: Which game is more difficult?

A: Both games are known for their challenging difficulty, but Bloodborne is considered to be harder due to its faster-paced gameplay and a lack of shields.

Q: Which game has better visuals?

A: Both games have stunning visuals that are unique in their own way. Bloodborne has darker and grittier graphics, while Dark Souls has a more fantasy-like setting, making the graphics brighter and more colorful.

Q: Which game should I play first?

A: It depends on your preference. If you prefer fast-paced games, Bloodborne may be more your style, while if you prefer something slower and more strategic, Dark Souls may be a better option.


Both Bloodborne and Dark Souls are excellent games that offer unique gameplay, graphics, and story. Although they share similarities in terms of difficulty level and mechanics, each game stands out from the other in its way. It’s worth playing both of them to experience the full effect of FromSoftware’s game design and storytelling abilities.