Bangle vs Bracelet

Both bangle and bracelet are fashion accessories and used for the decoration of wrist. Like other jewelries items, they are also part of ornaments. Do not confuse the word bangle and bracelet for the same thing. They are entirely different from each other. Before understanding the difference between them, it is advisable to understand their etymology one by one.

What is Bangle?

Bangle are traditional Asian ornaments usually used by Asian women. It is widely used in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. In these countries, it is the part of women wrists. If we go back to the history of bangle, we will come to know that they were also used in old ancient times. They were made that time of stones, woods, gold and seashells. Now there design and shape has been changed a little. These days they are mostly made of glass. However, gold and silver bangle are also available, which are specially used for function and marriage programs. Pearls and diamonds are also conjunct on some gold and silver bangle.  It is the part of bride jewelry. Mostly red color bangles are used more than other colors. Bangle are available in two types, rigid bangle and flexible bangle. Rigid bangle are very hard to wear than flexible bangle. They are wear usually in pair of four to eight. The bangle, which are made of gold, often contain a hook or it can be simple like a normal plastic or glass bangle.

Bangle vs. Bracelet
Bangle vs. Bracelet

What is Bracelet?

Bracelet is a latest fashioned wrist jewelry, which is made of silicon, chain, woods and rocks. They are widely used by both men and women. Usually teenagers are very fond of it. Different style of bracelet are available in market. You can conjunct your name on bracelet. They are wear in one or two. Some bracelets width is even wider than 1 inch. Now days it is also available in different materials and design. Diamonds are widely used on it. There are also different types of bracelet like classic tennis bracelet, designer diamond bracelet, red carpet bracelet, vintage bracelet, gemstone bracelet, gold & platinum bracelet, bangle bracelet, men’s bracelet, etc. Normally their length is more than bangle.

Key Differences between Bangle and Bracelet

  1. Women and girls mostly uses bangle while both men and women uses bracelet.
  2. Teenagers uses bracelets most and a while women of all age uses bangle.
  3. The size of bangle are exact to the size of wrist while bracelet size is normally more than wrist size.
  4. Bangle are in rigid and fixed form except gold and silver bangle having joint in mid-point. Mostly bracelet are available in linear form and become round on wrist when wear it.
  5. Precious and special gold and silver bangle contains hook while almost all bracelet contains hook.
  6. Bangle produces noise when collide with each other while bracelets are noise free.
  7. Bracelets are available in many forms like wood, rope, silicon, gold, silver and ribbon. While bangle are made from four materials such as gold, silver, glass and plastic.
  8. Width of bracelet is always greater than bangle.