Attack Vs Special Attack

For gamers, Attack Vs Special Attack plays a crucial role in determining the gameplay of a particular video game. In most cases, these two types of attacks are the primary methods of combat and hence, mastering them is important.

Attack is a common method where characters engage in combat using physical force. The damage dealt to the opponent is dependent on the character’s strength and the defense capabilities of the opponent. This type of attack is common in games that simulate real-life combat scenarios, such as boxing games or fighting games.

On the other hand, Special Attack is a powerful move, which players can only use when they have accumulated enough energy or points by defeating their enemies. These moves are diverse and can range from an elemental attack like fire or water, to a powerful finishing ‘special move’ like a finishing move in the Mortal Kombat game series.

A particular characteristic, which sets the difference between the two, is that Special Attacks require energy or points, while Attack doesn’t require any. Besides, Special Attacks deal more damage to opponents than regular Attacks.

The difference in power is not just a factor of the energy cost but is also based on the move itself. For instance, in Pokemon, a physical attack like ‘Tackle’ could deal less damage than the electric type Special Attack ‘Thunderbolt.’

Choosing between Attack and Special Attack will depend largely on the player’s choices and strategies. If the character is tough and built to take a hit, then the Attack move can be a good choice.

On the other hand, if the player is looking for a quick way to win, then Special Attacks could be the way to go. Special Attacks have a higher success rate of causing critical hits, which could be vital in turning the tide of the game.

There are multiple factors to consider when choosing Attacks vs Special Attacks in gameplay. In some games, Special Attacks come with a cooldown period, which prevents constant spamming or overuse.

Attack moves are efficient when facing opponents with higher defense capabilities as they are less likely to resist physical attacks. However, if the opponents’ strength lies in their resistance to physical attacks, or if they have a significant elemental resistance, then it’s good to consider a special attack.


1. Which move is better among Attack and Special Attack?

Choosing between a physical Attack and a Special Attack depends on the character’s and enemies’ status. In most games, Special Attack will deal more damage than Attack against an enemy that has a higher defense capability or elemental resistance.

2. Is there any difference between Attack and Special Attack regarding the energy cost?

Yes. Special Attacks are powerful but come with an energy cost. Attack moves, on the other hand, do not require any energy cost.

3. What are the advantages of using Attack over Special Attack?

Attack moves have a higher success rate against opponents with lower defense capabilities. Attack moves do not have any cooldown period and even when facing fully resistant opponents, consistent use of Attack moves could chip off their hitpoints.

4. What are the advantages of using a Special Attack over Attack?

One of the key advantages of special attacks is that they have a higher chance of inflicting critical damage, which can tip the tide in your favor. Special Attacks have a higher success rate when facing opponents with elemental weaknesses, regardless of the target’s defensive capabilities. Special moves can effectively cause more damage than Attack moves, especially against big enemies with a considerable amount of hit points.

In conclusion, both Attacks and Special Attacks are necessary for victory in most video games. Choosing one over the other in any given scenario depends largely on the type of enemy, character attributes, and the game mechanics. It is important for gamers to balance their character’s moveset with Attack and Special Attack moves such that they complement each other.