Applet vs. Application

Applet and application both are java programs. The main difference between applet and application is that the application is known as stands alone java program that can run directly on your machine. On the other hand, an applet is the programs that need the browser to run. In simple terms, application program run without any security restrictions and with the help of virtual machine but the applet cannot be run without the help of a browser and require more security restrictions.

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Applets cannot be affected by user’s system if the browser has proper JVM installed. While the term and feel of the application on various operating system remain the same.

Comparison Chart

             Basis             Applet       Application
         Definition The applets are small java program that required a browser for execution. It is not a fully-featured Java program. The application is a standalone java program which does not require or need any browser for its execution. It is a fully-featured Java program.
      Main Method The applet does not use the main method() like a java program for its execution. The application uses the main method() for its execution because they are real java application.
          Freely It cannot be run freely. They are designed to run the HTML page. It can run freely because they are a stand-alone application.
       Interconnect It does not interconnect with other servers because of security reasons. It can interconnect with other servers because they are free from security restrictions.
            Access It can only access the browser specific services. It can access all kind of resources available on the system.
         Security It is security restricted it require security for the system as they are untrusted. No security concern are there.
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What is Applet?

Basically, it is a small java program like the web version of an application. The applet is a java program that requires java browser to run and execution. They are generally used for internet computing. They can transfer with the help of the internet from one computer to another. A java applet is able to perform any kinds of operations like, play sounds, display graphics, create animated graphics, etc. You can also create your own applet locally and can also develop them externally.

Browsers that come with java runtime to execute the applet program are called java-enabled browser. The applet bytecodes reside in a unique location which is the World Wide Web. The java applet programs are executed in a more restricted security restriction. It cannot access the resource on the system except the browser-specific services.

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Types of applet

We integrated applet into the Web page in two ways

  • Where we create our own applet into the web page. These kinds of applet develop and store locally and are known as “Local Applet.”
  • Secondly, we can download an applet from a remote computer system embedded into a web page.

What is Application?

Basically, it is a stand-alone java program that can with the support of the virtual machine in a server side. The application has a specific function of run on any Java-compatible virtual machine. These are the java application program that is designed to do a particular task for the user. The java application program includes database programs, word processor, development tools, text and image editing programs, spreadsheets and web browser.

They are free from security restrictions and can access any data or information or any resource. All the application programs stay on the machine on which they are deployed. It has a single start point which has a main method().

Key Differences between Applet and Application

  1. Applets are the program that requires a browser for its execution. In contrast, Java application is a stand-alone program that does not require any browser for its execution.
  2. Applets are not fully featured program and can only use to perform small tasks and a part of it. On the other hand, java application is a rich featured program that is designed to a particular task directly for the user.
  3. The application utilizes the main() method for initiating the implementation of the code. In spite of it, the applet does not use the main() method. Generally, it is called the defined method after loading.
  4. On the one hand, an application has the quality to run any programs from your local computer. On the other hand, an applet do not have this feature.
  5. The applet programs cannot be run independently. It requires have higher security restrictions. But, Java application programs are trusted and does not require any security.
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Comparison Video


In conclusion, the difference between the applets and java application is that an applet is a web version of the application and the java application is designed to stand alone machine. The application can access all the resources and an applet does not have this feature.  The application and an applet both have a difference in security that applet is highly secured but the application is not and considered trusted. Both are different in features but both have their particular importance according to the usage.

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