Anime Canon Vs Filler

Anime Canon vs Filler

Anime has become a popular obsession amongst people of all ages in recent years. The unique style, extraordinary character designing, and intriguing storyline have captivated the attentions of people all over the world. One of the most discussed topics amongst the anime community is the feud between Canon and Filler episodes. In this article, we will discuss Anime Canon Vs Filler in detail.

What is Anime Canon?

Canon episodes are the episodes that directly link to the original manga or light novel storyline. These episodes are faithful to the original source material, and anime creators follow the narrative to a tee. Canon episodes contain vital information that progresses the story, develops characters, and reveals crucial plot points. They provide an integral contribution to the overall understanding of the story.

What is Anime Filler?

Filler episodes are essentially unnecessary episodes that are thrown in between Canon episodes. These episodes do not abide by the source material and serve as a kind of “waste space.” Filler episodes do not contribute much to the overall storyline, do not provide significant character development and are usually used by the studios to delay the progression of the overall story or pass time until the manga or light novel storyline progresses.

Importance of Canon Episodes

Canon episodes play a crucial role in the anime’s overall narrative. They provide the viewer with valuable insights into the main story and are essential for a better understanding of the whole anime. In canon episodes, the creators provide accurate information or the version of the story that has already been introduced in light novels or manga. This information includes character backgrounds, backstories, and motivations/history of the characters.

Canon episodes consist of significant events and developments in the anime, and the creators remain loyal to the manga or light novel storyline. They include valuable insights into the anime’s character arcs, relationships, and major plots. Canon episodes offer an exciting sense of continuity, which adds to the suspense and anticipation of the anime lover.

Importance of Filler Episodes

Although Filler episodes are deemed unnecessary, they still offer some value to the overall anime. Filler episodes provide a break from the more intense Canon episodes and serve to lighten the mood. They provide an opportunity for anime lovers to see their favorite characters in non-canon situations and explore their personalities further.

Filler episodes offer the studios an opportunity to showcase their creativity in storylines and character development. They can also offer insight into minor characters’ backstories that have not been covered in the manga or light novel storyline. This may make the characters relatable and likable.

Overall Impact on Anime

Anime Canon episodes tend to have a more significant impact on the overall anime quality than filler episodes. This is because Canon episodes play a significant role in the development of the story, the introduction of characters, and the establishment of the world in which the anime is based. Canon episodes establish the anime’s tone, and the credibility of the storyline depends on its believability.

Filler episodes tend to be less impactful on the overall anime quality when compared to Canon episodes. That said, Filler episodes serve a specific purpose and fill a particular gap in the overall storyline. Fillers serve as a refreshing respite and give the viewer a chance to see the characters explore situations they would not otherwise.

How to distinguish between Canon and Filler Episodes?

The best way to distinguish between Canon and Filler Episodes is to check their relevancy and consistency to the storyline. The Canon episodes will be in line with the original source material, and the Filler episodes will be irrelevant to the storyline.

One can also inspect episode titles or check online guides that indicate whether an episode is Canon or Filler. In most anime, Canon episodes tend to occur at the start or end of an anime season or during a significant event in the story.


In conclusion, Anime Canon vs. Filler is an age-old topic that has been under constant discussion amongst the anime community. Canon episodes progress the story, provide character development and reveal plot points, while Filler episodes serve to provide light-hearted and less intense content. The credibility of an anime storyline depends on how well the Canon episodes are executed, and overall, Canons tend to have a more significant impact on anime quality than Filler episodes. Distinguishing canon from filler episodes can be done by checking the episodes’ relevancy and consistency to the storyline, episode titles or by referring to online guides.