Ancalagon Dragon

Ancalagon The Black, also known as Ancalagon the Terrible, was an enormous dragon in J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium. This great creature is considered one of the mightiest dragons to have ever existed in Middle-earth. Being the boss of all dragons, Ancalagon has been known to wreak havoc amongst the armies who faced his wrath, earning the name “The Terrible”. In this article, we shall discuss everything related to Ancalagon, including his origin, appearance, powers, and affiliations, along with an insight into his epic battles that have left a mark on the history of Middle-earth.


Ancalagon is believed to be one of the first dragons created by Morgoth, the enemy of Middle-earth, during the first age. He was born in the depths of Angband, the fortress of Morgoth, and was raised under his master’s tutelage. The size and ferocity of the dragon were so awe-inspiring that even the orcs feared his wrath. It was this tremendous power that made him the favored dragon of Morgoth.


Ancalagon was an enormous dragon with jet-black scales over his entire body. His eyes were small and red, while his wingspan was said to have rivaled a number of mountains in size. His colossal size made him a terrifying sight for any who saw him. The dragon’s claws were as long and sharp as spears, and his breath could turn both flesh and spirit to ash instantly.


As mentioned earlier, Ancalagon was portrayed as one of the most potent dragons in Middle-earth. He was known to possess immense strength and had unmatched speed for a dragon of his size. His scales were said to be impenetrable to most known weapons, making him almost invulnerable. His breath was said to be capable of leaving a trail of fire behind it, scorching everything within its path. He also had sharp claws, which could pierce even the strongest armor.


Ancalagon was a loyal servant of Morgoth, the Dark Lord of Middle-earth. In the War of Wrath, he was sent to attack the hosts of the Valar (the gods of Middle-earth), who had come to put an end to Morgoth’s reign of terror. Ancalagon and his fellow dragons, along with a horde of other creatures, proved to be a formidable force. They were able to drive back the Valar, until the Eagles of Manwë came to their rescue.


The battle of the War of Wrath was a significant event in the history of Middle-earth. It was the final battle between the forces of the Valar and Morgoth, and it was during this battle that Ancalagon proved his might. Morgoth sent his mightiest weapon, Ancalagon, against the Eagles of Manwë, who had come to the aid of the Valar. The ensuing battle was fierce, but it was ultimately the Eagles who emerged victorious.


Despite his incredible power, Ancalagon was ultimately defeated and killed in the War of Wrath. When Ancalagon was defeated, he fell with such force that he destroyed the whole of Thangorodrim, the mountain beneath which Morgoth was hidden. The battle ended the reign of Morgoth and ushered in a new era in Middle-earth.


In conclusion, Ancalagon was a mighty dragon that was feared by many in Middle-earth. His ability to destroy anything in his path made him one of the most potent weapons of the Dark Lord Morgoth. Though he ultimately met his end in the War of Wrath, his legacy would live on in the stories of Middle-earth. His legend would continue to inspire generations and prove to be an awe-inspiring force for centuries to come.