Amish vs. Mennonite

Amish and Mennonites are Faiths divided into two distinct groups with opposing views, but they share a common origin.

The Amish were founded in 1693 by Jacob Amman, whereas the Mennonites were founded in 1680 by Jakob Mecklenburg. The Amish felt that wrongdoing deserved severe punishment, whereas the Mennonites followed the peace Anabaptist beliefs promoted by Frisian Menno Simons.

Comparison Chart

FounderJacob Amman.Frisian Menno Simons.
Punishment:sin needs serious punishmentpeaceful teaching of Anabaptists.
Dressingsolid-color dresses and men having full beards.Floral prints or plain fabrics and men having full beards.
Church service:privately at homeIn church.
Lifestylesimple.                                              Live like a normal population.
Technologyprohibits the use of modern technology.moderately use modern technology.
LanguageGerman dialectThey use English.
Transporthorse-drawn, buses, trains.
Types of clothesplain traditional attires.                   wear modern attire

Who is Amish?

The Amish are part of the North American Christian community, which used to be known as the Anabaptists. Their community began in the 17th century. The Amish speak Pennsylvania Dutch, a German language spoken by numerous people in Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the United States.

They behaved according to their traditions, rites, and customs. At home, they only communicated in English. Their clothing is simple and made of cotton or wool, and they live a nonconformist lifestyle. They also have long beards and wear simple caps.

They do not heat or cook with light or gas. Amish parents encourage their children to embrace farming and other practical skills.

They restricted advanced technology and relied on horse-drawn vehicles, including motorbikes and carriages, for transportation.

The Amish do not eat meat, eggs, and dairy items. They use technology carefully and only communicate with the outside world when required, and they live in small, close-knit groups.

Who is Mennonite?

Mennonites speak Pennsylvania German, a language of German spoken by several persons in Pennsylvania and other parts of America and founded by Frisian Menno Simons.

They felt that the religious system revolves around people. They are part of the general population. They believe in connection and hope to bring people together. They primarily employ the English language and hold them in the church during their ceremonies.

Because they believe in peace, Mennonites avoid foods from pork and shellfish. The Mennonites don’t even have any specific dress codes; however, they usually dress in plain clothes.

They believe that religion and the entire world should deal with separately rather than mingle together.

They live a basic life and dress simply, and they welcome technology but only in moderation. They have no difficulty using technology or keeping their distance from the outside world.

Key Differences between Amish and Mennonite

  1. Amish was Founded in 1693, and Mennonite was founded in 1680.
  2. Jacob Amman formed the Amish community, whereas Frisian Menno Simons founded the Mennonite community.
  3. The Amish believe that everyone who sins should be penalized, but the Mennonites follow the Anabaptists’ peaceful beliefs.
  4. Amish communities speak German or German in their ceremonies, while Mennonite groups talk in English.
  5. The Amish ladies wear a cape garment and apron in a brighter, solid color. On the other hand, some Mennonite females wear lovely print clothes.
  6. The Amish lifestyle was simple, and Mennonites lived like an average population.
  7. Amish communities forbid modern technology, while Mennonite use it severely.
  8. Amish sessions are held in small, close-knit villages, whereas Mennonite services held in churches.
  9. Amish people live in tight-knit communities, while Mennonite’s dwell among the general population.
  10. Horse-drawn carriages are used by the Amish, while the Mennonites use advanced cars such as buses and trains.
  11. The Amish think the Bible is God’s accurate word, whereas the Mennonites believe it is a moral rule book.
  12. Many Amish men dress in fall pants with belts. They have a large beard and a hat. Mennonites differ in appearance; some have beards, while others do not.


Finally, there are many differences between the Amish and Mennonites and between each church. The church establishes the regulations, and the preachers observe the rules.

Amish Christian group and Mennonite Christian group came out of a Christian movement reformation in the 16th century. They are changing, developing, and emerging over time. Their history, religion, and values cover a lot broader ground.

Plain Amish ladies sew all of their wardrobes and wear store-bought jackets, sweaters, and tops. Still, they cannot purchase the style they should wear, and Mennonites have accepted some of the world’s most significant advancements while emphasizing the value of Christian missionaries.

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