Acute vs. Chronic

The difference between acute and chronic is that acute is the disease that lasts for a small period whereas chronic is a disease that continues for an extended period.

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Acute vs. Chronic

Acute and chronic both are health conditions, but there is a lot of difference between a disease that is acute and a disease that is chronic. Symptoms of the acute illness appear suddenly, and acute illness is decidedly worse, they need to be treated immediately. Symptoms of chronic diseases do not seem at once; they seems with time and with time person understand that diseases. The difference between acute and chronic diseases is that acute disease remains for a short period and on the other hand chronic disease remains for a very long time. Acute pain is for the time being and falling, stubbing, usually burn the cause of acute pain while chronic pain is very severe it hurts badly and is the cause of some serious health condition in your body. You feel acute pain as soon as you get acute health problem on the other hand chronic pain is felt gradually and when you release the pain, the diseases become the part of your body.

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Comparison Chart

Basis Acute Chronic
Meaning Acute is the disease that lasts for a small period. Whereas chronic is a disease that lasts for an extended period.
Symptoms You can feel symptoms of acute diseases as soon as you get the disease. Symptoms of chronic diseases show up gradually.
Time Acute diseases are for a short period. Chronic diseases are for an extended period.
Pain Pain is not that severe all the time. Severe pain
Example Injury cancer

 What is Acute?

Heath is the most precious gift anyone can ask for, but at some point in our life, I get ill and sometimes illness is severe. We need to take care of our health, and the essential thing in this regards is taking proper health advice from a doctor and then understanding the type of diseases you have. Your condition can be acute or chronic. It is essential to know whether your situation is acute or chronic because your treatment starts when you know your disease. If you have a severe illness, the symptoms will appear suddenly, and these symptoms will be for a short period. Following is the list of some prevalent severe disorders:

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  • Bad throat
  • Fever
  • Injury
  • Cold
  • Nausea
  • A normal headache
  • Burn
  • Rashes

What is Chronic ?

Now if we talk about the chronic illness, chronic diseases are entirely different from the critical as chronic diseases are way worse than acute. Chronic diseases stay for the very long time, and it may or may not cause death. Chronic conditions are dangerous because you do not feel symptoms suddenly as in acute diseases. Symptoms of chronic diseases appear slowly and gradually, and with the time the disease becomes part of your body. If we talk about the pain, pain is unbearable. For example, if we talk about cancer, cancer is the chronic disease, you don’t know the cause of the disease, and you don’t feel the pain suddenly, and gradually your body comes used to the pain and symptoms starts showing up. Cancer lasts for the very long time and causes death in many cases.

Your doctor will tell you that you need to be patient and patience is the most important thing that you need to have when you have a chronic disease. Time, your determination and persistence are the key aspects of fighting against chronic disease. The typical chronic illness is:

  • High Blood pressure
  • Cancer
  • Tumour
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Leukaemia

Key Differences

    1. The acute illness lasts for a short period whereas chronic disease for the very long time.
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    1. Symptoms of the acute disease appear immediately as soon as your body gets the disease whereas signs of the chronic illness show up very late.
    1. The pain of acute disease is unbearable whereas pain of chronic disease is not that worse.
    1. The acute disease does not leave any effect on our body whereas chronic disease always goes decidedly worse effects on your body.
  1. Lousy throat, Fever, Injury, cold, nausea, frequent headache, burn and rashes are some common acute diseases whereas high blood pressure, cancer, tumour, diabetes arthritis are common chronic diseases.


Acute and chronic both are serious health issues the difference is that severe diseases stay for a short period whereas chronic diseases remain for the extended period. What we need to do is taking care of our health, and if we feel anything wrong in our body, we should seek the help of doctor because health is everything.

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