917 Area Code

The 917 area code encompasses the New York City boroughs of Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens. The area code was created in 1992 to address the rapid growth of cell phones, pagers, and fax machines in the city. Currently, 917 is one of five area codes serving the city, alongside 212, 646, 718, and 347.

History of the 917 Area Code

In the early days of telephone service, New York City was only served by one area code, 212. This area code was introduced in 1947 and served the entire city until the 1980s when the proliferation of cell phones and pagers made it necessary to introduce additional area codes to serve the growing population.

The 917 area code was introduced on January 1, 1992. At the time, it was the first area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) to be introduced specifically for mobile phones. It was introduced alongside the 646 area code, which was introduced the following year.

As the popularity of mobile phones grew, so did the demand for the 917 area code. By 1999, the 917 area code was exhausted, and a new overlay area code, 646, was introduced to serve the same geographic area. This marked the first time in NANP history that two area codes served the same geographic area.

Frequently Asked Questions about the 917 Area Code

What cities are included in the 917 area code?

The 917 area code serves New York City’s five boroughs: Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens.

What is the time zone for the 917 area code?

The 917 area code is in the Eastern Time Zone, which is the same as New York City’s time zone.

Can I keep my 917 area code phone number if I move outside of New York City?

It depends on where you’re moving. If you’re moving to a different location within the same geographic area served by the 917 area code, you can likely keep your phone number. However, if you’re moving to a different city or state, you’ll likely need to get a new phone number with the area code that serves that location.

What are the current area codes for New York City?

In addition to the 917 area code, New York City is served by the following area codes:

– 212: Serves Manhattan only
– 646: Overlaid on the 212 and 917 area codes and serves the entire city
– 718: Serves the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island
– 347: Overlaid on the 718 area code and serves the same geographic area

Examples of Phone Numbers with the 917 Area Code


For privacy reasons, this is a fake phone number, but it’s an example of what a phone number with the 917 area code might look like. The first three digits, 555, are often used in fictional phone numbers as they’re reserved for use in media and entertainment.


Another example of a phone number with the 917 area code. Like the previous example, the first three digits, 987, are not commonly used in real phone numbers.


This is an example of a vanity phone number using the 917 area code. Vanity phone numbers use letters instead of digits to spell out a word or phrase that’s easy to remember. In this case, HELP is an easy-to-remember phrase that may be useful for emergency or crisis hotlines.


The 917 area code is an important part of New York City’s telecommunications history. It was the first area code introduced specifically for mobile phones, and it continues to serve the city’s five boroughs today. As the demand for phone numbers continues to grow, it’s likely that more area codes will be introduced in the future to serve the city’s expanding population.