786 Area Code

Located in the southeastern region of Florida, the 786 area code is a North American Numbering Plan (NANP) area codes. It covers the Miami metropolitan area, including Miami-Dade County and the Florida Keys.

The 786 area code was originally created in 1998 as an overlay to the existing 305 area code due to the increasing demand for phone numbers caused by the rising population in Miami. Most of the new phone numbers that were assigned to this area code were given to cellular phones and pagers.


1. What cities are included in the 786 area code?
The cities that are included in the 786 area code are Miami, Miami Beach, Hialeah, Homestead and the Florida Keys.

2. Does the 786 area code overlap with any other area codes?
Yes, the 786 area code overlaps with the 305 area code, which it was created to supplement.

3. Can I keep my current phone number if I move to the 786 area code?
Yes, you can keep your current phone number if you move to the 786 area code, as long as you stay within the same geographical location.

The 786 area code covers a region that is known for its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and thriving business sector. Miami is a bustling city that attracts millions of tourists every year, while the Florida Keys offer a more laid-back lifestyle and a wide range of outdoor activities.

Short Example:
If you are planning on visiting Miami, you may want to consider purchasing a prepaid SIM card with a local number that starts with the 786 area code. This will help you stay connected with friends, family and businesses that you may interact with while you are here.

In addition to personal use, 786 area code phone numbers are also used by businesses that operate in Miami and the surrounding areas. This is because having a local phone number can help establish credibility with potential customers and make it easier for them to contact you.

Short Example:
If you own a business that operates in Miami, it may be a good idea to consider getting a phone number with the 786 area code. This can help show potential customers that you are a part of the local community and make it easier for them to contact you.

Overall, the 786 area code is an essential part of the communication landscape in Miami and the surrounding areas. Whether you are a resident, visitor, or business owner, having a phone number that starts with this area code can be a valuable asset that helps keep you connected with those around you.