70 Percent Windshield Tint

70 Percent Windshield Tint: A Comprehensive Guide

Windshield tinting has become increasingly popular among car owners due to its various benefits. With the rising sun, it becomes crucial to have protection while driving. Windshield tinting acts as a preventive shield from the harmful UV rays, glare of the sun, and heatwaves, which helps in reducing eye strain and also minimizes heat build-up inside the car. Not only does it add to privacy and security, but it also adds aesthetic value to the car.

Among several windshield tinting options is the 70 percent windshield tint. It’s essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the 70 percent windshield tint, its benefits, and downsides before making a decision.

What is 70 percent windshield tint?

70 percent windshield tint is an excellent option for drivers who want to enjoy the sun without feeling its heat or glare. It blocks out 70 percent of the UV rays and offers maximum protection, keeping the interior of the vehicle cool and comfortable. The material used to make it is the same as that of the side and rear windows of the car. It’s durable, easy to maintain and offers great value for the money spent.

Benefits of using 70 percent windshield tint

1. Protection against UV rays

The 70 percent windshield tint effectively blocks out 70 percent of the UV rays that enter the vehicle. The ultraviolet rays can lead to skin diseases and other health problems such as skin cancer, hence tinting ensures that you can drive comfortably without risking health hazards.

2. Reduced glare

Driving in a sunny climate can be challenging due to the glare that comes from the sun. With the 70 percent windshield tint, the blinding light is considerably reduced, which improves visibility and reduces eye strain, making driving safer.

3. Reduction of heat build-up

The windshield acts as a shield from the scorching heat that enters the car. The 70 percent windshield tint material minimizes heat build-up and helps to keep the vehicle cool and comfortable, even in hot weather conditions.

4. Increased privacy

Tinting the windshield enhances privacy, especially for those who carry valuable items in their vehicles. It’s difficult for outsiders to see through the tinted glass, especially in broad daylight.

5. Aesthetics and value

The 70 percent windshield tint gives your car an aesthetically pleasing look, which adds to its value. With its sleekness and tint, the car has a unique touch that can only be achieved through the application of the windshield tint.

Downsides of using 70 percent windshield tint

1. Legality and law

Not all states and countries allow the use of 70 percent windshield tint. It’s significant to understand the law in your state before the tinting process begins. It’s crucial to avoid law enforcement penalties for illegal windshield tint application.

2. Reduced visibility

As much as the 70 percent windshield tint minimizes glare and UV rays, it may reduce visibility in certain weather conditions, such as fog or at night. It’s best to consult your technician on the ideal shade and quality that would be suitable for your needs.

3. Risky application

The windshield is a crucial component of the vehicle, and tinting it requires skill and experience. When the tint is applied, air bubbles, creases, or wrinkles may occur, which may reduce visibility and cause safety hazards.

Choosing the right tint for your windshield

The choice of the appropriate tint for your windshield depends on the level of protection, taste, and preference. It’s important to invest in quality material to ensure maximum benefits from the tinting. The right tint should ideally last long, be easy to maintain, and offer the optimal level of visibility while providing the necessary security, safety, privacy, and aesthetic value.


Tinting the 70 percent windshield is a great investment for car owners due to its numerous benefits. It’s important to consider the state laws, quality, and technical skills when considering the best tint for your windshield. The 70 percent windshield tint offers maximum protection against the harmful UV rays, reduces glare, heat, enhances privacy, and adds aesthetic value to the vehicle. Remember to always consult a professional technician when tinting your windshield to avoid safety hazards.