234 Country Code

The 234 country code is a unique telephone code assigned to Nigeria. It is used to make international calls to Nigeria from any location around the world. The country code is essential for connecting with Nigerian residents, businesses or for conducting business in the country.

Nigeria is located in West Africa and is the most populous country on the continent, with an estimated population of over 211 million people as of 2021. The country covers a total land area of 923,769 square kilometers, making it the 32nd largest country in the world. Nigeria is known for its vibrant culture, diverse cuisine, and numerous tourist attractions.

If you are planning to make an international call to Nigeria, understanding how the country code works, and learning some essential things about the country is important. Below, we’ve provided answers to some frequently asked questions to help you know more about the 234 country code and Nigeria.


Q: What is the format of Nigeria’s phone numbers?
A: Nigerian phone numbers usually start with the country code, followed by the network provider’s code, and then the personal phone number. The format looks like this: +234-XXX-XXXXXXX.

Q: How do I make an international call to Nigeria?
A: To make an international call to Nigeria, you need to first dial your country’s exit code, followed by the 234 country code, then the network provider’s code, and finally the personal phone number.

Q: What is the network provider’s code in Nigeria?
A: The network provider’s code in Nigeria is usually the first or second digit of the personal phone number. For example, if a phone number starts with “080,” the network provider’s code is “080.”

Q: Are there different time zones in Nigeria?
A: Yes, Nigeria has just one time zone (West Africa Time). However, during daylight saving time, some states in Nigeria adjust their clocks one hour ahead.

Q: What is the official language spoken in Nigeria?
A: English is Nigeria’s official language, but there are over 500 ethnic languages spoken throughout the country.

Q: What are some of the tourist attractions in Nigeria?
A: Nigeria has numerous tourist attractions, including the Yankari National Park, Zuma Rock, Olumo Rock, Aso Rock, and the Obudu Cattle Ranch, among others.

Nigeria is a diverse and vibrant country, with a fast-growing economy and numerous investment opportunities. The country has several sectors that contribute to its economic growth, including agriculture, oil and gas, tourism, and information and communication technology (ICT).

If you are planning to conduct business with Nigerian companies or individuals, it is essential to understand the cultural values and business practices in the country. It is also important to be aware of any potential risks when conducting business in Nigeria.

The 234 country code is just the first step in connecting with Nigeria. By learning more about the country and its people, you can build stronger connections and make meaningful business relationships that can benefit all parties involved.

In conclusion, the 234 country code is a necessary tool for anyone looking to make international calls to Nigeria. While it is essential to have this code, it is also important to understand Nigeria’s culture, people, and business practices for effective communication and collaboration. By understanding all these, you can build long-standing relationships with Nigerian individuals and businesses to achieve your goals.